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Being connected to the cycles of the Earth — the ebb and flow, the light and dark — is an integral part of the traditions of modern and ancient witches. Cunning Folk is a bespoke gin label taking inspiration from these traditions of the witch’s wheel of the year.


Each edition of the line is themed after one of the Sabbats of the magick tradition. Inspired by the potions and brews of ancient and modern witches, the gins are flavoured using herbs and fruits symbolic of the season.  

I wanted the design of this project to capture the intrigue and mystical nature of the magick tradition, while portraying the key idea in a clean and modern way.

Tarot cards — a widely used tool of divination — were developed to include cocktail recipes using Cunning Folk gin, that are representative of the card itself.

This project was awarded a merit in the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) Awards for Student Packaging.

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